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French gadget - Citroen C4 Picasso


All kinds of electronic aids come into our lives so tightly that we are now out of the house can not go out without taking them with him. Smartphones, tablets, media players, "smart" watches - it is now everyday tools. First impressions of this car is just such - a trendy and beautiful gadget.

Designers managed to implement last year's concept in a real car, and engineers - to stuff it almost every imaginable electronic "bells and whistles". However, he does not look like a pretentious. Quite the contrary, low-key, but the corporate identity can be traced in all - in every design element. And if the precursor has been designed according to the style of Pablo, the new C4 Picasso is far from Cubism and graphics. Body lines became smooth and pleasing the eye. Elegant chrome framing the side windows classifies its soon-to-DS4 model, the more expensive version of the C4. "Slepovaty" front has migrated from last year's concept virtually unchanged. The result was a very bold, but at the same time a strong look. It looks harmonious and excreted from the stream. I think of Pablo Picasso himself would have approved such a course designers.

The interior is also redesigned. He became more traditional, although retained some features of its predecessor. Board devices, more precisely 12-inch color monitor, is still available not only to the driver. Its central position on the "dashboard" allows all passengers to be aware of what is happening. In addition to standard of speed and number of revolutions of the crankshaft it is possible to derive a map navigation system, or a selection of photos from an album stored on the internal hard disk. album sense to me is a mystery.

Just below there is another monitor. Its functionality is standard - climate control, multimedia, navigation and telephone. It is framed by a number of touch buttons. Simple and easy to use. The multimedia system has a full range of connectors and understands all recording formats. they are installed on sitroenovskoy - in a big box under the head unit.

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Dimensions box allow you to connect not only a "flash card" or a telephone, as well, and the plate - plenty of space for even the most "not modest" dimensions. And then the French surprised the setting in this box outlet 220 Volts. You can recharge your device without connecting to the head unit. Steering wheel - it is a separate "gadget". It has become a tradition, but the number of buttons and wheels it does not become smaller. Not looking up from taxiing can be controlled almost all the multimedia capabilities of the car and even parkpilotom. To learn and remember the purpose of each element of the multi-devaysa need some time (gone are the days when the wheel has been for the fact that it used to twist and "beeping").

Separately want to dwell on the armchairs, sofas and "chairs with tables." Front seats are very convenient, with good lateral support, high backrest and the lumbar massager. They are equipped with folding armrests and right seat cushion has more legroom, electrically actuated. Back row - three individual seats, with their own regulations. But the attempt to sit on them led to the idea that it is rather a kitchen stool. Vertical landing, and during long runs it will be tiring. And it is unlikely to help with adjustable backrest and comfortable headrest. In this case, each of the three seats, equipped with IsoFix anchorages for child seats. The back side of the front seats also multifunctional. She mounted folding tables with cup holders, lighting and personal net for small items. And the table tilted downward, which is very convenient. The result: five-seater car, but will be convenient only two of them.

Gamma engine modest - 1.6 Gasoline 120 forces and with the same volume turbo diesel 115 forces. Two transmissions, too - and a six-speed mechanical robot on the same 6-speed. On our sample set, fashionable nowadays, the turbo diesel engine mated to a manual gearbox. Motor very "live" given the small turbo hole - with a thousand pulls very well. On bottoms and no thrust is characteristic of virtually all turbocharged engine. PPC with a clear turning gear, but you have to make an effort, which is not very like the weaker sex. "Parcels" fairly short and flea market in the city is very often necessary to manipulate the gear knob. It is worth noting that both the steering wheel and gearshift knob are decorated with beautiful leather and decorated with inlays of aluminum.

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The clutch pedal is adjusted perfectly, it is soft and informative. The suspension is more rigid than the previous version. But for urban traffic is quite comfortable. Even the 17 inch wheels do not interfere with the easy to swallow and Bulyha tram rails in the central streets of the capital. Acoustic comfort on top. Only a slight rumble of the diesel engine reports that this "gadget" is still a car. I do not accidentally miss the technical side of the vehicle and its efficiency. The entire line of engines is not new and, accordingly, do not show any specific results. In city traffic average diesel flowrate turned at 8 liters per 100 km, and the mode rustic about 5 liters.

A little later, we had a chance to test a more "advanced" version of this gadget. Grand Picassa different from his younger brother's large size and the modified stern. The wheelbase has increased by 55 mm, total length 169 mm, height 28 mm. Visually, it looked like a classic minivan.

Naturally changed and the total mass of the vehicle, it is heavier by as much as 240 kg. But such an impressive difference in weight is due to not only the size, but different types of transmissions. At Grande installed robotic PPC. The range of engines is absolutely identical with the younger brother. Interior have no different except for the luggage compartment. The Grande has two armchairs hidden underground trunk.

High-grade passenger name them is difficult, but for short trips of their comfort will be enough. The folding mechanism is thought over very carefully, everything is easy and simple. For one thing, for the spare wheel space is not left. For our roads and directions of this problem, the wheels with low profile tires not last long. And the most interesting, in my opinion, the difference between these cars - behavior on the road. Some five and a half centimeters in wheelbase has fundamentally changed the behavior of the car. It has become more mature, I suppose. "Short" Picasso - a mischievous youngster, and his eldest grand and respectable brother.

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He has no desire to "anneal" and lay in the rotation, it is more sedate. Yes, and "robot" does not possess the speed change, particularly in the automatic mode. And even sporting the name "senkventalnaya", and paddle shift petals do it faster. In this case, engine power and fuel consumption enough not changed significantly. Grand Picassa - a magnificent cruise ship design. The list of options allows you to man up to its highest level.

Combination skin, monitors and multimedia passenger, panoramic roof, the circular review system, multizone climate control, automatic parking attendant - is only a small part of a very extensive list. Citroen has once again managed to create a practical but non-trivial cars. They stand out from the mass of classmates and clearly recognizable. In our test specimens were in nearly the maximum configuration and accordingly a sufficiently high price. Factory allows you to equip the car of his pocket, and this makes it a very tempting offer in this segment of the car market.

All photos from the test drive Citroen C4 Picasso

All photos from the test drive Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

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