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Polish saloon car. Fat-free and gloss


I have already done dry cleaning of the iron horse, but as I wrote in that article, I also bought a "velvet plastic polish." That's what he called the company's products, namely LAVR. In front of me there was a problem - to update the interior plastic parts - door trim, side skirts and front and rear panel under the glass and possibly a bit to remove the scratches, so they are not so conspicuous. Now just a lot of different tools, but many of them leave or grease stains or stains. We do not need a ...

for salon

Many incidentally polish salon compositions based on glycerin, and can even be purchased at the pharmacy and put on a rag and smear on the plastic. But he's very sticky, so some time everything will just shine and burn, but very quickly all covered with dust. I have passed this on his old VAZ, by the way, on that basis made a lot of sponges for cleaning shoes, and usually your shoes are dusty after a few minutes on the street.

Fat-free and gloss

Actually I did not want me to have the plastic cabin gleamed like a cat, "one place." Also that it was greasy to the touch, and left on the hands of a raid. I needed only to restore the plastic to its original level, well, or at a maximum close to him.

without fat

After many days of snow, dirt, dust and heat, the padding bit faded, turned gray and lost its attractive deep black color.

Still I want to mention I wanted to take a formula that will fight with scratches, concealing or removing them. Of course this is not a reducing plastic, but now there are polishes that have so little effect. That is, it turns out all at once.

Why it took LAVR

The store salesman advised me to inexpensive and most importantly (in his words - checked) means companies LAVR. It is the "velvet polishes Plastic". The total cost of 140 rubles for a tube of 120 grams.

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What the manufacturer promises:

  • Given to noble matt
  • Fills in scratches, bumps, micro-cracks - masking their
  • It leaves no greasy and sticky film of divorces
  • It protects the plastic from aging and fading
  • It has a repellent effect, that is, pushes the dust and dirt


In general, for that kind of money - such a formula! Of course, there is a large tube, 310 ml - 220 rubles. But trust not to take what, this is enough for the eye, about it later

Handle salon

Actually there is nothing difficult. If you read the instructions, it turns out that for a start - Cleanser - give dry - treat.

Actually I used to clean up tool that cleans seats (you can check out the links on the top). It says that it can be effectively cleaned and plastic parts.

I took two rags - one for washing and one for polishing.

Step One . My course, I rubbed plastic about a month ago, but in some places, especially on the threshold again, a bunch of dirt.

rag and water

the middle panel is also full of dust, where stand holders. Cleared.

A lot of dust and dirt

It is important to dry interior, should be applied on a dry surface.

Step Two . Take a soft cloth (as written in the instructions, by the way so as not to leave stains and hair), put on makeup and start rubbing the panel.

rag and our formula

a door

Missing a few puffs on a large surface.


Well to sum up. For you, I have collected photos that have been before, and as it became later. Here we go:

  • In the door panel, left a small wound can be seen and filled polish, as if leveled. Of course, deep lesions are gone.

It was

It became

  • A strong effect was on the doorstep, there scratching "smeared" more significantly

such thresholds

processed thresholds

  • Freshened up and the main panel, but here the effect is less noticeable
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  • The middle part also got rid of the gray and get some freshness

Before treatment


Most importantly, there is nowhere shining parts and greasy film, everything is on the level of interior renovation.

In general, the effect is there, and for 120 rubles, it is more than evident, I advise everyone to this formula.

Now look a little video.

This ends, thinking my article was useful to you. Sincerely AVTOBLOGGER.

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