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Most popular in Russia right-hand vehicles


How to determine the popularity of a particular model? It's simple: it is necessary to count the cars which one is better, that is the most popular. "AUTOSTAT" agency experts have done so: in Russia considered "right-hand drive" the car and identified the most popular (or most common).

We have already mentioned that at the beginning of July 2018 3500000 RHD vehicles were registered in the country (all cars, including trucks and buses), or about eight percent of the total vehicle fleet in Russia.

As it turned out, more than half of them are on the hood (grille) emblem Toyota - only 57 {dd75b5f2af54e7e28e9f426bf065f76b5fdced797aa612034ace7b6e98dab91c} (or about two million). The most common in Russia, "right-hand drive" "Toyota» - Toyota Corolla. Of the country has 329.3 thousand. Pieces. With a large gap from the "Corolla" is Toyota Corona - 115,5 thousand pieces.. Third place in the ranking is the Toyota Mark; in the country 104.1 thousand. such cars with the right wheel.

In the "five" most popular car with the right wheel is also entirely "Toyota". The fourth place is left for Toyota Carina - 99,7 thousand units, the fifth -. For Toyota Caldina (85,9 thousand pieces).

Next on the list of the most popular "RHD" cars in Russia are: Toyota Vitz (76,8 thousand pieces..), Honda Fit (71,8 thousand pieces..), Toyota Camry (69,4 thousand pieces..), Toyota Vista (68,2 thous. pcs.) and Toyota Sprinter (61,6 thous. pcs).

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