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Test drive Nissan Juke 1.6 DIG-T: Dnipro, and mine survey.


Crossover Nissan Juke is familiar to us, the yellow "Pokemon" have already visited us on the test. In the city, he showed himself well - powerful 190-strong version, as we have, agile, compact and with sufficient clearance. But outside of Kiev until recently, I do not choose it, and doubted his comfort on a long journey. Therefore, when turned up the case to go to him in Dnepropetrovsk - not refused. Although he feared for his beautiful 18-inch wheels. Would not hurt!

On the title pictures crossover Nissan Juke 1.6 DIG-T stands on the background of the monument dedicated to the crossing of the Dnieper - in this Aula village area Krinichansky region. Downstream located Dneprodzerzhinsk hydroelectric power station, and the city recently renamed in Kamenka. So Ball was called until 1936, when the communists renamed it in honor of a professional revolutionary Felix Dzerzhinsky. Suppose that after 80 years, but we are gradually getting rid of shovels (slang for "scoop" - from the "Soviet occupation") names. From now on, and called Dnepr Dnepropetrovsk officially, although it already for a long time so the locals call it. 

Another thing is to get to the places of military glory, which were fighting for the Dnieper in September-October 1943, I was driving from Boryspil route on the H-08. And if to Kremenchuk road was still in good condition, then the suspension crossover had fairly to war with broken roads. Especially difficult after the village had Kutsevolivka, when it seemed that the road was bombed just yesterday, although the liberation of Dnepropetrovsk hosted more October 25, 1943. 

It is possible that at that time the road was bombed at all, because after all, today she is in such a state, if built it recidivists instead Ukravtodor. And work professionally: sometimes the safest way was to pass on the side of the road, and sometimes had to do to slow down to walking speed, so as not to damage the low-profile tire dimension 225/45 R18. However, there I did not have time to notice this or that hole, my heart sank, but the Juke, albeit with a distinctive thud levers confident "jumped" potholes. Even before the full rebound suspension is not reached. 

In fairness it should be added that a few days later, on the way back, I met a road worker who cut holes on the border of Dnepropetrovsk and Poltava regions, and then fill them with bitumen. Can then travel through the H-08 with pleasure it will be possible not only on the car with prepared for bad road conditions suspension. Nevertheless, I still recommend to put on the Nissan Juke basic 16-inch wheels instead of the spectacular 18-inch, to not only monitor the roadway, but also to admire the magnificent scenery. 

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As for ride height, I was not afraid, because even the "charged" crossover all-wheel drive Nissan Juke with a powerful turbo engine 1.6 DIG-T and a rear multi-link suspension (at the front-rear Juka beam) it is ample 151 mm. In conjunction with its dense suspension enough for "forcing" brovok and for moderate off-road. Rescue and decent angle of entry / exit (18.0 / 22.1 degrees). All this is enough to go to the country or to the village on a dirt road not even resorting to all-wheel drive. 

Safe Mode transmission switch button on the left of the steering wheel - from 2WD to 4WD. In the latter case between the front and rear axle torque is distributed in a ratio of 50:50, and the 4WD-V intermediate value is responsible for the automatic distribution of torque as a function of coupling the front and rear wheels. This is useful in slippery winter weather to more efficient and safer to implement torque. 

On-board computer screen, there is a mode that shows the torque distribution not only of the axes, but also between the wheels. Moreover, it is seen as torque in turn is sent to the outside wheel, "delaying" the car into the turn. This increases not only active safety but also fun to drive. And if you need to drive on the sand, snowdrifts or dirt, it is best to include a permanent four-wheel drive 4WD, and before leaving the pavement again translate into 4WD-V. 

Landing at the wheel closer to the passenger than off-road. Steering wheel column hight is not, and the chair would like to put a bit upright, but already accommodate "in the saddle" managed without problems. Five hours later at the wheel of the fifth point is not stiff, his hands are not tired. However, the miss did not give bad sectors, which continually gave cause to warm up and rotate the wheel, going round the pit. Maneuverability Juka I always pleasing, but the feedback on the steering wheel could be better - felt a certain artificiality of the return force. Comfort control adds a good insulation wheel from impact, leaving only the necessary information on the palms. During the trip they are great sweat, but the wheels were intact, and this is important, let 'dokatka "in the trunk and gently soothed. 

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The trunk is symbolic, even against the background of rivals compact - just 207 liters, like a sports car. By the way, the front-drive Nissan Juke boot capacity after the upgrade has increased from 251 liters to 354 liters, thanks to the semi-independent rear suspension beam, which allowed free up space for capacious underground. Yes, you can fold the back row and get 786 liters of storage space, with a flat floor. But if you are looking for a practical crossover, the Nissan Juke is unlikely to please you. 

The back is also not turn a person under increasing meter ninety still sit "for a very", but almost thrust. Presses on the head and the dark ceiling, though longer psychologically, not in fact. The door cards made of hard plastic, only a small notch at half-liter bottles. There is a niche in the central box, a pocket in the back of the front passenger and all. Armrest in the middle there, as well as a "window into the boot" for the transport of long-length.

But there is a powerful 190-horsepower turbo! Unless modest and transfer mode D-Mode in the center console transmission configuration responsive gas pedal, steering variator and a sport mode, it is possible to obtain truly hot crossover. In good conditions, the first hundred Nissan Juke 1.6 Turbo may change in 8.4 seconds, and the speed ceiling it at 200 km / h. Surprisingly, the claimed fuel consumption during the test was justified: I have more than a thousand kilometers of the average consumption of 95-octane gasoline was 7.2 l / 100, however, given the fact that most of the race, I drove on country roads. Naturally, in heavy city traffic, tripcomputer will flow in the region of tens of (declared 10,2 l / 100 km in the city). 

Below the roller can be concluded fuel consumption Nissan Juke 1.6 DIG-T (190 hp) at speeds from 90 to 150 km / h. 

So in fact it's worth it! Transitions in Sport mode, turbo rpm rise to 700 rev / min, the gas pedal and even aggravated "rubber" in the normal mode the variator transformed. Moreover, even in manual mode you do not want to move, so naturally responds to the desire to accelerate the car. Turns Juke goes well as accelerated - confidence and stability. Stiff at low speeds, the suspension is firm and elastic, not rocking on the waves and does not hesitate in the ruts. I even forgot that under me crossover, so the transformation of the turbo-juku. The front-drive Juke 1.6 to 117 hp these emotions are not present, do not dilute the blood with gasoline mixed with adrenaline.

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It does not scare the capacity of 190 hp Juke and beginner again, thanks to the excellent setting of the variator, which is in Eco mode, very smoothly delivers traction to the wheels. A stock of horses Overtaking will make much more secure, which is especially important in the shattered provincial roads with one lane in each direction. So, in the absence of a diesel version of the dealer, and the presence of an additional amount with you, I would recommend four-wheel drive Nissan Juke 1.6 DIG-T. In winter, it will provide additional security, and in the summer - driving pleasure. 

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Disclaimer essentially one - if you have a small family and there is no need to carry overall loads, then yes, Nissan Juke you enjoy. Unfortunately, the couple dismantled bicycle here if fit, it creaked. But fans of personalization is where carousing: You can order an individual color exterior mirrors and rims headlights, original design wheels with body color inserts, chrome exhaust tips. For the charged versions of Nissan Juke 1.6 DIG-T (190 hp), all included in the standard equipment, as well as much more. Truth and prices for powerful versions start at 772,050 USD for a powerful and stylish version Nismo RS. The most powerful version with front wheel drive, a manual transmission, limited-slip differential (LSD) and forced to 218 hp turbo engine can accelerate from standstill to 100 km / h in 7 seconds! 

If you hurry, but I want to stand out in the crowd, then you can stay on the base version, which costs almost twice as less. Moreover, even now it operates lucrative offer, which will make the purchase of Nissan Juke is even more favorable.

All photos from the test Nissan Juke 1.6 DIG-T

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