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Volvo XC70 - a real Cross Country


During Passat Alltrack previous all-wheel drive station wagon test necessarily wanted to address the sources and compare the ambitious beginner with one of the pioneers of the class terrain wagons - Volvo XC70. Fortunately, the opportunity appeared almost immediately. How good is the Cross Country itself and in comparison with the novelty to find out test-drive Volvo XC70 2.4D AT.

Volvo XC70 - the continuation of the line all-wheel drive wagon-road Volvo. In the current generation XC received name instead of V, to highlight the crossover. Thus, in the model range of Volvo machine takes place between the crossover XC60 and XC90, although it is in its essence it is the versatile terrain and competes with the Audi A6 Allroad and Volkswagen Passat Alltrack (test drive). 

In Ukraine machine supplied with petrol engine of 3.0-liter (T6) capacity of 304 hp two diesel engines and 2,0 (D3) and 2,4 (D5) producing 163 and 215 hp respectively. The petrol engine is equipped with six-speed automatic only, for diesel engines is given a choice between manual and automatic transmission. Car access to a wide range of optional active safety systems such as tracking cruise control, distance control system, tracking the dead zones, road markings. 

Volvo XC70 is produced in Sweden.

On the test vehicle traveled Volvo XC70 2.4 D AT Summum with a set of additional equipment.

Topic-wheel-drive "sheds" on continues almost legendary wagon XS70 Volvo Cross Country. For some reason, this machine comes to mind when it comes to off-road wagons. Yes, and in Ukraine it is the clear leader in its own, albeit very small, class. So, despite the venerable age of the market, the reasons for the test drive was more than enough. We get to know better.


In excellent sitcom Friends, one of the characters somehow discusses the design of Volvo, calling them "such angular." Since then much has changed, and walked in the corners with a file. But, nevertheless, the design remained at 100 {9f618d48590dace64d4bcb53999af14092b2b99e0d23a03be591236e357bb069} recognizable from any angle.

Off-road machines nobody tried to hide unpainted plastic skirt around the perimeter covers thresholds, doors, wheel arches, front bumper partially. The rear bumper and completely, entirely of black scratch-resistant plastic. But the "gentle" enough elements of gray on both the front and rear, there is scratching. 

The machine stands high above the ground, the Volvo makes no mention ground clearance, which is strange, according to unofficial measurements it is 209 mm. Not every crossover can now boast such. We Passat Alltrack, remind all 160. Such a ground clearance not only emphasizes the purpose of the machine outside, but inside there, the car seems to be high. 

The final touch - high rubber. For exterior styling no one chasing, all for the sake of practicality. Cute 17-inch wheels and 235/55 tires - great for asphalt, and "cross country". 

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Test Volvo XC70 we got with an extra roof rack with which it is similar to forwarding SUV. Without it, of course, the car looks much more urban and not so distinguished. But if you look - on the road XC70 is not too small, there are connoisseurs. The car looks great in white, as well as in brown. But also a test version of the blue is good. 


Traditionally conservative interior Volvo Sandbox XC70 slightly diluted luxury optional elements, such as wooden insert (optional, 200 euros) dash and leather upholstery (optional, 1 euro 400). Catch the eye and seats with perforated leather, hides the ventilation, including the passenger seat. But these are details that do not change the general impression of good-quality but simple interior. It wants to call home, and the same impression of the S60, such comments were after the publication of photos of the interior on Twitter.

In the interior, a lot of nice little things that you notice over time. This niche of the "floating" center console, which is comfortable to hold glasses and gloves, and a pocket at the ends of seat cushions for all the little things, and folding the rear head restraints button (so as not to interfere with the review, when there are no passengers). A surcharge even built boosters are available for children from three years to replace the child seats with success. The option is worth 420 euros, two good seats, at first, it will be more expensive, and secondly - to take the place as the smallest passengers. Damn good and convenient option. A child of six tested and was delighted.

Landing is not crossover, but due to the high ground clearance seems that you are sitting in a large SUV, not a wagon in. The Passat Alltrack such feeling was not, there is just inside the machine from a conventional Variant not distinguish. The adjustment range is impressive, almost the first time I have left a large margin of departure helm. The ceiling is no pressure, a lot of places, and left and right. All well and the front passenger. 

Behind a lot of places to be comfortable even three. Another advantage of boosters, even if the back sit two children between them can accommodate another adult. Also, one child and two adults. With the seat installed this number usually does not work. Three adults in a row from the same cramped die.

Luggage compartment closed off powerful lattice grid its name language somehow not rotated. It is secured in the grooves in the roof and not to interfere with visibility, can be tilted up. And the second grooves are provided in the vicinity of the ceiling handles to permute grille thereto at the folded seat and rail in the luggage compartment. A roller shutters provided with a grid, which is attached to the grid, the load is not in the front seats rested on top of the backrest.

The backrests fold flat into the floor, the length of the resulting cover nearly 180 cm, with some discomfort can be used as a bed for two. A luggage, self-other, will get a huge amount.

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Normal capacity of the cargo compartment is 485 liters, maximum - 1580 l. Underground at the same time there is still room for tools or small luggage, a heavy lid rises and remains in this position thanks to the stop. Already under the raised floor that hides the reserve and standard tools. 

The door is equipped with electric drive, open button from the cabin, on the roof or keychain. Closes only button on the face of the door. Vertical rear window, it is convenient for transportation of bulky cargo. In general, for the transport of household belongings between the apartment-cottage, as well as for long-distance trips - the most it. 


On the test got a diesel car with the most powerful engine D5, developing 215 hp and 440 Nm of torque. Together with them a traditional six-speed automatic with torque converter. It is such a machine, and is the most popular among buyers, which is not surprising. T6 petrol greedy, and the mechanics of cars buyers for 50 thousand dollars and more, as a rule, are not respected. And the point? The machine is a family, for a quiet ride, why then the mechanics? And the savings-liter diesel to think of another at a cost of the machine, again, there is no point. 

A bunch of drive-box perfect. The car goes both places, and in outright acceleration, overtaking are easily and naturally. For all the time I have once or twice switched transmission in sport mode, only try, as in everyday life, "drive" is absolutely enough. Volvo XS70 very cheerfully rides and not more than annoying noise of the engine, although the sound is certainly very typical for a diesel. 

Fuel consumption after the petrol "Olltraka" can only rejoice. Even if the car recklessly "giving the drain" in the city, he keeps around 10-12 liters / 100 km. Quiet driver can count on 8-9. On the track at a speed of 110 km / h on a board computer cruise showed 6 L / 100 km (about 10 km run). In general, fuel costs XC70 are destroyed. When the tank of 70 liters, you can almost count on a thousand-kilometer reserve. 

The suspension is very comfortable, standard tests for bad sectors, tram rails and bumps sustained a bang, here with "Passat" parity. But the steering is also designed for a comfortable ride, drayverskogo can not be called. And the suspension myagkovata for "annealing", but write it in four-wheel drive family sedan cons hand somehow does not rise. Just note that the Passat Alltrack still rulitsya better and more interesting. 

But on the off-road Volvo XC70 just fine. Yes, four-wheel drive it is also provided Haldex clutch. Currently redistributed from 95: 5 to 35:65 (front-rear axis). The driver in this is not involved, there is no mechanical interlocks. But in general the car feels like an SUV and it is absolutely not afraid to go into any dirt or sand to attack the climbs and descents. If Alltrack perceived as a wagon, which, in principle, you can go to and beyond the usual roads, the asphalt on the Volvo are sick, I want to turn into a field and ride aimlessly down dale. Of course, a clearance of 21 cm only contributes to such tests. The car goes wherever it can take on the geometry of a body that under the wheels it is also not very interested. Although the start to rise from the wet sand still not worth it, the wheels start to dig. But progress seems possible to call anywhere. 

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And a few words about the other systems. On slopes can engage corresponding helper who will hold the wheels independently, sliding down smoothly downward without participation of the driver. Another system monitors the distance by changing the intensity of the red light on the windshield above the instrument panel. And the food is hysterically when the distance it seems critical. It can also completely stop the car if the driver does not respond and track the sudden pedestrian. But in the system is often too cautious, and, as we have with the system turned out to be slightly, but still different concepts of critical distance, we had to turn it off. BILS looking after cars in the dead zones and red lights winking on racks near the mirrors. Own mirror, by the way, just huge (stone in the garden Passat). And I can not help but notice the tracking cruise, on which at successful coincidence of traffic lights, you can easily reach with Troyeshchyna to Sevastopol area in general without touching the pedals. On the track it is just a godsend.

You can change the distance, the machine maintains the speed and follows the lead. Inhibits, if necessary, up to the stop. Powered by roads rounded, even quite steep. But when you rebuild may not be able to "catch" the obstacle, relax is not necessary. As an option also offered a tracking system for marking, but the practical use of it in Ukraine will be almost no. Apparently, for the same reasons, it is not included in the test equipment. 


Of course, for the sake of completeness we'll be sure to try out Audi A6 Allroad Quattro. In the meantime, Volvo XC70 seems an ideal candidate for a universal car for the family, which you can ride every day and go to any trip, including off-road. Of course, you can complain to the "nepremialnosti" the interior if you wish. But if taken XC70 like a good family car, then everything falls into place. Of course, at this price premium it may want. But it is worth keeping in mind also the high level of safety Volvo, which also affected the price. Recent non-standard crash tests have confirmed this once again. 

At the time of writing a test drive in addition to the standard options importer offers a complete set of Summum fixed at a promotional price. It's time to take a closer look at the XC70. 

All photos with the test-drive Volvo XC70

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